Reliving Cabezón

The making-of the CD Cabezón, narrated by Pep Gorgori in the blog of Museu de la Música de Barcelona:


“We were driving from Murcia to Cuenca just a week after recording the CD Bach at the monastery of Poblet…” (read more)


“I remember something Òscar Laguna said the day we started recording. ‘By the time I finish this recording, we’ll be the people who best know Hauslib’s claviorgan, because nobody for these 400 years will have spent so long playing it” (read more)


“Having finished the recording, the claviorgan was returned to its place in the Museu de la Música’s keyboards room. Since then I’ve been back a few times, with visitors, with friends, alone, to listen to some of the concerts held at the museum… And I look at it differently. ” (read more)

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